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Apartment in Sicily

Casa Marsala - Casa Marsala 2



Apartment Villa Galatea - Lampara

Acireale, Sicily


Casa Marsala - Casa Marsala 1

Marsala, Sicily

About the region

The largest island in the Mediterranean is part of Italy. Sicily offers everything for a successful holiday: art and culture, magnificent coasts and beaches, picturesque villages, beautiful nature and delicious food. The most visited place is Taormina, with its Teatro Greco. This beautiful island has so much more to offer and it is perfect for a fun road trip.

Thanks to its location in the Mediterranean Sea, between Italy and Tunisia, Sicily is a mix of cultures. Different people have left their cultural treasures in the course of time and the mixed influences can be admired everywhere. The Cathedral in the capital Palermo, the Greek theatre in Syracuse, the Greek temples at Agrigento. In all the big cities, there’s more than enough to discover for the culture lover.

Sicily is an island, so naturally there are many cozy fishing ports to discover. Boats on the beach, plastered houses in faded colours, laundry hanging in atmospheric alleys, old worn out stairs leading to a public lavatory. Here you get an impression of real life in Sicily.

Thanks to the many harbours, there’s always a lot of fish on the menu. The delicious Spaghetti alle Vongole is the local specialty. Eat this in combination with a fresh white wine of the forgotten Catarrato or Inzolia grapes and you’re living the Sicilian dream.

Here there’s no shortage of beautiful beaches, like Cefalu, or mesmerizing viewpoints on the salt fields of Trapani from Erice.

Sicily is a dream island and offers something for everyone.

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