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We wish you a warm welcome to our first blog.

We’re thrilled with your visit. The content of this blog speaks for itself. You definitely had a lot to do with the creation of this new website!

The months of shedding blood, sweat and tears, but also of making discoveries, developing creativity and new ideas, are over. We’ve faced problems, some big and some small, to make you share our findings.

We’ve created a new and more user-friendly website to enhance your research. We don’t want to burden you with unnecessary information, and we hope you will find whatever you’re looking for here.

This website is not a finished product, and will never be 100% perfect. But as perfection doesn’t exist, we are open to your suggestions.

Your contribution will be heartily welcome and we will gladly consider all your suggestions.

The point of this blog is for you to share interesting information and opinions in the world of holidays. This is not just about holiday homes. What the next blog will bring, we still don’t know. Have a look and maybe you’ll be in for some pleasant surprises and news about the wonderful world of holidays.

With best wishes,

Caroline and Anne-Marie

Valkenstraat 2

9850 Merendree

BTW 0445 454 583

Bennesteeg 7

9000 Gent

BIV / IPI 200611

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