Don’t give winter blues a chance and start dreaming of your summer holidays.

Winter means bundling yourself in warm clothes, just to be sweating like crazy indoors because of the heating everywhere. The alarm sounds just that bit worse in the mornings and the bags under your eyes seem to keep getting darker. You seem to only have energy to walk from the tv to the fridge and back. These symptoms might sound familiar. If they do, you’ve got a serious case of the winter blues.


There’s no reason to panic. But there’s no magic potion to fight it either. These simple tips should help you spruce up in no time. Start by putting your fleece blanket aside and go outside for a walk. The morning sun is especially beneficial for your much needed dose of vitamins. Secondly, mind what you eat: make sure that you ingest plenty of nutrients. Do you need a serious boost? Set personal goals, maybe look into phototherapy or take a daily multivitamin.


Share some memories with friends. It’s proven that social interactions prevent you from sliding off in a negative spiral. Take your loved ones on some fun activities, whether it is going on morning bicycle tour, blowing off some steam in a sauna or just making a healthy smoothie. It’s guaranteed that you will be enjoying their company while digging up fun memories. Maybe you even share memories of a sunny holiday! Dreaming of the sun is a perfect motivator to get rid of your winter blues. Even though you might not be able to pack and go right away, having something exciting to plan and look forward to works miracles. There are only few things better than gathering a group and browsing potential travel destinations for the summer.


Spain is just beautiful: the natural views, impressive cities and multicultural history are unique to Spain. You can find peace and quiet in the picturesque inland, dive into the energetic nightlife of the big cities, surf some of the best waves and have some amazing paella or other delicacies while you’re at it. Whether you decide to go to the Costa Brava, Costa Blanca or Costa del Sol, summer vibes are coming your way!

Do you rather picture yourself living as a god in France? Imagine one of the many white beaches, at the foot of a robust mountain, in the shadow of a vineyard or in a museum full of historical treasures. You find all kinds of landscapes in France. Make sure to take a look at our selection of French holiday homes and find the perfect holiday home in Ardèche, a holiday home with swimming pool in the Provence, a holiday home in Dordogne or a holiday villa at the Côte d’Azur! In every region we have a selection of luxurious and charming holiday homes.

Maybe a holiday home in Italy is the right choice for you. If you love the warm sun, you will find a perfect match. The country does not only have a rich history full of famous masters of the fine arts, it’s famous for the long coastlines, lively piazzas and refined cuisine as well. How about staying near a Lago, in a stunning holiday home in Tuscany or a holiday home with pool in Umbria? Or are you looking for a holiday home in Sicily or Le Marche? Discover our selection of Italian holiday homes.

Are you looking for something else? Or do you have an itch to discover a new holiday destination? Take a look at CAP’s holiday homes in Morocco, Bulgaria, the Dominican Republic, Turkey or Switzerland. Our offer varies every season.

Start dreaming of a cosy holiday home during these rough winter months.


In conclusion, don’t let the dark winter times get the best of you. Start looking forward to warmer places and channel some positive holiday vibes. Discover our hand picked selection of fine holiday homes now.

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