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Country-house in Ardeche

Country-house La Bergerie des champs

Saint-Agrève, Ardeche


Country-house Le Nid de Chantoisel

Saint-Agrève, Ardeche


Country-house Au Monts d'Ardèche

Saint-Agrève, Ardeche


Country-house Chante Quinçon

Les Vans, Ardeche


Country-house La Maison de Claude

Saint-Agrève, Ardeche

About the region

Welcome to the most famous département in the Rhône-Alpes region, but also the greenest region of the south of France: the Ardèche. Here you'll find breathtaking green landscapes and a host of authentic and charming villages that will take your heart right away.

Explore this untouched nature by foot or take an adventurous canoe trip down the region's many rivers, such as the impressive Gorges de l'Ardèche, from Vallon-Pont-d'Arc to Saint-Martin d'Ardèche. A real attraction and a must for canoeists and kayakers. Many describe the experience as unforgettable!  

Nature is so diverse in the Ardèche region that it is an ineluctable attraction for any nature-lover. From volcanic sites such as the Gerbier de Jonc to the Ray Picen waterfall and the region's famous gorges, you will be spoiled !

The Ardèche region has a rich history dating back to prehistoric times, as evidenced by the many archaeological sites and petroglyphs. Travelers can immerse themselves in the region's intriguing history by visiting medieval castles, authentic villages and historic monuments that bear witness to centuries gone by. Travel through the ages as you discover the fascinating stories that are unique to the Ardèche. It's a real journey back in time, one that will give you an even greater appreciation of this enchanting region of southern France.

If you enjoy strolling around local markets, the region's picturesque villages have much to offer. There are plenty of options, from the flea market in Aubenas to the night market in Joyeux, or the scents and colors from the Les Vans village.

Whether you are a nature lover or an adventurer at heart, the Ardèche has it all. With Cap as your reliable partner for holiday home rentals, your stay in the Ardèche will be an unforgettable experience. Choose one of our beautiful holiday homes and set off to discover the Ardèche. Let yourself be surprised by the magic of the Ardèche and all the hidden treasures the region has to offer!

Cap Holiday home rentals in Ardèche

Ardèche holiday home rentals

Looking for an unforgettable stay? A destination where nature is everywhere and offers a timeless moment of total relaxation? Find your paradise in the heart of France: Ardèche holiday home rentals

Holiday homes with private pool in Ardèche

Discover the ultimate Ardèche holiday experience. Our beautiful holiday homes with private pools offer the perfect setting for a relaxing and luxurious stay. Book your ideal Ardèche holiday now with a private pool for added peace and privacy: Holiday homes with private pool in the Ardèche

Dog-friendly holiday homes in Ardèche

Enjoy a wonderful holiday in the Ardèche with your four-legged friend! Our dog-friendly holiday homes are the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful surrounding countryside and have adventures together: dog-friendly holiday homes in the Ardèche

Ardèche Holiday homes for 10 people or 12 people 

Looking for a holiday home in the Ardèche for a large group? Whether you are a group of 10 or 12 people, our spacious holiday homes offer all the comfort and facilities you need for a relaxing holiday: Ardèche holiday homes for 10 or 12 people

Child-friendly holiday homes in Ardèche

Discover the adventurous side of the Ardèche with your children. Our child-friendly holiday homes are the perfect place to share all the adventures this beautiful region has to offer with your children. The possibilities are endless, from visits to charming villages, to relaxing moments in water parks or discovering natural landscapes on family hikes... Not to mention the mysterious caves and refreshing rivers that populate the region. Enjoy an unforgettable experience in the Ardèche and create precious memories with your family: child-friendly holiday homes in the Ardèche

Road Trip in France : Stopover in Ardèche

Traveling by car? The good news is that the Ardèche is easily accessible by car and offers a host of adventures for all the family. Enjoy roads with panoramic views, discover charming little villages and take in the beauty of nature along the way. Our holiday homes in the Ardèche make a comfortable and welcoming stopover for your road trip : Road Trip in France : Stopover in Ardèche

Renting out your holiday home in Ardèche

Are you thinking of renting out your holiday home in Ardèche? Offer your guests an extraordinary experience in this stunning region of France. We at Cap have a professional approach when someone chooses us for renting out their holiday home. We take care of all the paperwork and promote your home through a variety of channels. We also create a trusting and privileged relationship with each of our partners: Renting out your holiday home in Ardèche


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