CAP distinguishes itself in the travel sector!

The travel sector is a very competitive and dynamic market and because of the recent developments the international players are increasingly under fire.

As a smaller company you have the possibility to get carried away in the big organizations and to offer a lot of extra services, such as flights, car rental, activities etc... This makes it more and more difficult to offer each service at top quality and to guarantee a personal approach.  

CAP is of the opinion that it is better to focus on what we are really good at: Renting out holiday houses with a personal service.

CAP stays on the train of an evolving market and is always open to new trends. Yet we have never changed our core values and mission. By focusing for almost 30 years on holiday rentals in Spain, France and Italy, we can call ourselves true specialists.

We visit the holiday homes ourselves and are able to fully inform our clients and find the perfect home that will suit them. Also owners can come to us with all their questions. We listen to both parties and advise them in a professional way.

There is a noticeable shift. Travellers are returning to the smaller businesses where they can really be heard.

At CAP we build a positive relationship of trust and strive for long-term relationships. With the latest news about our sector, we can proudly announce that CAP is still in line with the latest developments, but does not go out of its way and remains in financial stability.

CAP is a healthy company with motivated employees who listen to the needs of the client and owner. Put your fears away, book without fear with CAP and be sure of your holiday in a beautiful holiday home. Always welcome at our office in Ghent or in Merendree. The CAP team will be happy to help you with great enthusiasm.

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CAP distinguishes itself in the travel sector!

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