Don' forget your sunscreen on Holiday...

You’re all set and on the way to your holiday villa with a private swimming pool! But don’t forget the sunscreen...

Gone are the days when holidays rhymed with minor to severe sunburn, and when sun protection meant a dollop of oil – even baby oil was deemed to do the trick.

Nope, no more.

We have all been well-informed, through frightening campaigns about skin cancer dampening our summer vibe. But with information comes the usual abundance. SPF, UVB, UVA, numbers, letters, and we are often none the wiser.

So, let’s make it simple

The idea is to protect your skin from the harmful sunrays, while getting that fabulous golden glow at the very least.
If you choose a biodegradable sunscreen, not only are you protected, but the pools stay clean and the fauna and flora of your destination can continue to flourish!

An eco-friendly sunscreen is a small effort, with a bigger impact than you might think!

A few extra tips to keep away from sunburn:

- Let the sunscreen sink into your skin before jumping into the water. Even better, let it sink in then take a shower before entering the swimming pool.

- You can also avoid the hottest hours of the day, and enjoy the shaded areas in the gardens that many of our villas offer. Indeed, a nap in the shade on a hot summer day sounds like a great plan!

- Last but not least of the options is sun protective clothing for those of you with extra sensitive skin.

Finally, let’s not forget that our villas are usually located in a sunny destination. Are you renting a holiday house in charming Tuscany, or somewhere in historical Provence? Or did you go for glamour on the Costa del Sol?

Take a break from baking by the pool and alternate with visiting the area where you’re staying.

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