Some of the most beautiful places in Lot-et-Garonne!

Whereas our blogs tend to send you rushing off in various directions to discover towns and villages, in the ever-consuming concern that perhaps people may get bored on holiday, this blog aims for the opposite. Not that we recommend boredom, far from it, but by choosing a holiday house with a swimming pool in Lot-et-Garonne, you are looking at a relaxing holiday.

More than anywhere else we can recommend, Lot-et-Garonne is the place to go if you are tired, highly-strung, and basically in need of a holiday.

Lot-et-Garonneis part of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, located south of Dordogne and north of Gascony. The weather is never as hot as on the Mediterranean and even winters are mild and pleasant.

Unlike other parts of the south of France, this is a hidden gem which is relatively unfamiliar to the touristic masses, appealing to anyone wishing a quiet appreciation of nature. Relax away from the crowds, enjoy traditional and excellent French cuisine, and delicious wines as you are not that far from the finest vineyards such as Saint-Emilion.

Cycling is glorious, you can enjoy long stretches along orchards and sunflower fields, breathing in a much purer air than in most places.

Medieval towns in Lot-et-Garonne

There are many places you can visit for an afternoon, or you can make a day of it. Medieval towns, with their churches and beautiful squares. Puymirol houses a beautiful bastide, Frespech is a small fortified medieval village, and Villeneuve-sur-Lot is a very pretty town with houses along the Garonne River, with its lovely church and old towers.


You can also drive out to Beauville, another picturesque and historical town. Agen is a larger town, well-known for its prunes, and you will also find many shops and restaurants.

These are a few villages you can visit before going back to your holiday house and your private swimming pool.

To do's in Lot-et-Garonne

Aside from visiting villages, you can take the children to Walygator, a large theme park that will keep everyone entertained!

Another option is to leave your holiday house and drive out to the Natural Regional Park des Landes de Gascogne for the day. This is a magnificent natural reserve with an exceptional number of birds, you can go canoeing, cycling, rope-climbing, the activities are too many to mention.

Count just under two hours to get there. You will certainly deserve that glass of wine by your pool at end the day!

Swimming in the Gascogne river

The last thing I wish to mention in this blog is that you can go swimming in the Gascogne river, for example at Clairac Plage or Marmande Plage. These are freshwater beaches that have been fully equipped, even with lifeguards during the high season! This can make for a wonderful day under the warm sun.

Without forgetting the traditional markets in each village!

If you wish to stay in this relaxing vibe but in a different country, we suggest trying Umbria in Italy.

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Some of the most beautiful places in Lot-et-Garonne!

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