Cap holiday rentals Reviews !

At CAP, we travel everywhere to visit our holiday houses, year after year, checking in with the owners and evaluating how to keep our holiday goers as happy as possible.

We take notes, make suggestions, and basically fuss over every single holiday home we suggest. With CAP, a personalised holiday experienceis tailor-made for you.

And this is reflected in our reviews, which are so rewarding and positive!

Reviews on our website

Also, every property on our website has its own page with detailed information and symbols for a quick reading.

On this main page for every holiday home, you will also find a set of guest reviews, giving you more insight from people who actually stayed in each home.

There is also a satisfaction index out of ten.

However, let us bear in mind that these are personal and therefore unique experiences, which are to be combined with more general reviews such as Google and Trustpilot.

Google Reviews, Trustpilot & Facebook

Check out the CAP Vakantiewoningen reviews on Google, visit our CAP holiday homes reviews on Trustpilot, or even our Facebookpage.

As the years go by, the comments are as good as ever.

And for the few reviews that were less positive despite our hard work, we do our utmost best to be reactive and to find solutions for any dissatisfaction.

Write us a Review !

If you haven't already done so, don't hesitate to leave us a review.

Your opinion means so much to us!

CAP Holiday Rentals reviews are an objective way to get to know other people’s experience with us, and hopefully we can expand our holiday community in full transparency.

Thanks to our clients who trust us, thanks to the homeowners who believe in us, we are over thirty years in business and expanding over the years.

T​hank you for your Trust !


You need help? Our Cap-Team will be happy to help you.

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Cap holiday rentals Reviews !

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