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Marrakesh, a city in the south offering an exotic atmosphere and a unique sense of hospitality.

Morocco is well-known for many reasons: its magnificent desert, its permanent sunshine, its wonderful cuisine, and of course its exceptional “Red City”, better known as Marrakesh.

Let us discover this Moroccan medina. It is well worth discovering, despite the political tensions hanging over the Arab countries. Don’t let negative ideas clutter your mind, let’s set out with a positive attitude.

What a revelation!

As soon as I set foot on Moroccan soil, my first conclusion was clear: all this commotion is overrated. I felt welcome and free to do as I pleased. The locals have great respect for tourists and allowed me to do my thing 100%. They just went on with their lives; cheerful, relaxed and even noisy at times!

As I discovered the city, I was surprised by many attractions. Local markets the spill over the small streets, where scooters zoom across every so often, whereas the donkey and cart if more the rule than the exception.

I admired the lovely red colour at the old harbour, Bab Agnaou, and took a look at the impressive Ben Youssef Mosque, as well as the Koutoubia Mosque. I heard the villagers calling out to the market sellers and watched as the various orange growers, monkey owners, and others gathered at the Jemaa El-Fnaa square, much to my fascination.

I was enthralled by the liveliness of the souks. This is a sight for sore eyes, juggling colours and smells which I will never forget. Many Berber products on offer drew my attention. Berber carpets, Berber music, Berber food – a delightful culture!

After a few hours you will enjoy the thought of relaxing, with a cup of mint tea and a panoramic view from the roof-terrace of a local riad. This is exactly what you will need! You can unwind and enjoy the Moroccan hospitality. A stroll in a local garden, such as the Jardin Majorelle or the Menara Gardens will guarantee you the peace and quiet you have been seeking.

Before heading back, I chose a delightful restaurant to end my day. The variety of delicious specialties make it a difficult choice. Tajine, harira, couscous,… absolutely delicious dishes.

It is fantastic to feel this welcome in a foreign country which has a totally difference cultures. Thanks to the open friendliness of its people, you are sure to start the day with a smile! This unique charm has won me over and I will definitely go back there some day soon!

To make your trip complete, a stay at our holiday home “Dar Jenna” is an absolute must. A day in fabulous Marrakesh and then coming home to this magical luxury villa turns your holiday into heaven on earth!

Groetjes, Camille

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