The most southern point of Spain is famous for its lovely cities, rich history and rough coasts. ‘Passionate living’, that’s what it’s all about in this beautiful region. You can taste their passion when tasting tapas and feel it in the temperamental music. It’s the land of olives, oranges, white mountain peaks and castanets. Andalucia is the bridge between Africa and Europe, a mesmerizing mix worth visiting.

The gorgeous cities and white villages

Andalucia is home to beautiful cities with long and rich histories. They are an obligatory item on every traveller’s to do list! Not only the majestic cities Seville, Granada or Malaga are worth a visit. There are plenty of tiny white villages with small, winding streets and cozy squares that take you from one surprise to the next. And there’s no better way to explore the hot and sunny area than from a holiday home with swimming pool in Almeria, Cádiz or Mijas. And take a look at the most beautiful holiday homes in Spain.

A rich and fascinating culture!

The rich culture of Spain will steal your heart. The temperament of the Spanish is expressed in all kinds of art forms, such as Flamenco dance and music. Often overlooked but typical for the region are the spanish horses, that burst with temperament as well and are famous for their beauty. It is an unforgettable experience to gallop with an andalusian horse with nothing but the wild nature in the background. End the day well with some tapas such as Pata Negra ham and enjoy the perfect holiday feeling.

Sun, sea, beach

Think of Spain and what do you see? Sun, sea, beach or ‘Vamos a la playa’! The rough andalusian coast offers lots of opportunities and each coastline has its own qualities. There’s an ideal mix of pristine beaches and breathtaking sights, each with their own sports and leisure opportunities. Near Gibraltar people go whale spotting, in Tarifa surfers gather and in Marbella party animals and bon vivants unite.

Discover the best sights of Andalusia in this blog!

Everything is possible!

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