Dar Jenna, a heavenly stay near Marrakesh.

It is a delicate exercise to write a blog about one holiday house because naturally, aside from showing pictures of the indoors, outdoors and pool, there really is not that much to tell. Certainly not in an entire blog. As you’ve guessed it, rent this holiday house in Marrakesh, it is simply unique.

Let’s start with the name, Dar Jenna, the House of Paradise in Arabic. Nothing less. And when we visited this House of Paradise, I can assure you that aside from superfluous adjectives punctuated by exclamations of awe, such as “wow” that was often used, we were speechless.

We had been driven from the airport and it had been a chatty drive. We stopped in the old Marrakesh Medina for a cup of local tea and delicacies, giggling at the sheer amount of noise around us. Arriving at Dar Jenna, not a sound other than nature. The pure air, the endless 11,000m2 landscaped grounds – too big to call a garden – and the view of the Atlas Mountains. From the house. From the garden. Then you wonder that we were dumbstruck.

Gathering our wits, our in-house photographer whipped out her camera and our team began to take notes. For the life of me, there is no way I could tell you the number of pictures that were taken that day nor the scribbles that I needed to decipher to come up with a relatively coherent blog. This holiday house in Morocco really is straight out of a fairy-tale.

We were shown inside. Because yes, we were shown. Meaning that just as we had been driven from the airport in a comfortable seven-seater Jeep by a discreet driver, we were invited to step into the house by a housekeeper. This house comes complete with the option of having this car and driver at your disposal, and they will make special requests happen for you, whether it is an excursion to the Marrakesh Medina or a hike to the Atlas Mountains.

Hotel service means resident staff that makes your bed, cleans the house, looks after the garden and tends to the pool. And so much more! Breakfast is served, dinner is cooked for you, every night, any craving, any special dish, and it will be like having a restaurant at home. You would like to pitch in? You’re welcome in the kitchen! Laundry? Consider it done, but only if you want it. A drink by the pool? Simply ask. Discreet but available. The house is 100% private, and the staff is there for your comfort, never invasive, and always discreet. 

A far cry from my first holiday rental where we drove down with a bag of sheets, hoping they would fit the mattresses. But I’m digressing.

And behold the living area. What can I say? Space and a lot of it, beautifully decorated and basking in quiet elegance. The bedrooms are all fully fitted with en-suite bathrooms and there is even a Turkish bath. A fifth bedroom can communicate with one of the bedrooms, offering a family suite.

This holiday house has a private swimming pool and it is huge, with its outdoor dining area. There is also an outdoor living room on the terrace. You can swim while gazing at the Atlas Mountains, in all their majesty.

Night-time, and the magic continues. Well thought-out lighting everywhere, indoors and outdoors, and that feeling that if you pinch yourself you might wake up. I’m telling you, this place exists, it is real, and you can rent it.

So many options I can think of for a place like this. A few couples wanting to escape from everyday dreariness. A family wanting to live it up in luxury. A meditation or yoga retreat. Remote working in an exotic setting. A romantic getaway for two, despite the place being far too big. And speaking of big, why not a runaway wedding? Your secret will be safe with us. 

And finally, let’s not forget that this house is located in Marrakesh, one of the three Moroccan imperial cities, also called “The Ochre City” because of the reddish colour of its soil. 

Take that flight, go to Marrakesh, stay at Dar Jenna. It’s a wonderful experience.

Too far? Too exotic? Try one of our destinations closer to home, and rent a holiday house on the Costa del Sol in Spain, or an agriturismo in Tuscany, Italy, for more authenticity.

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Dar Jenna

Sidi Abdellah Ghiat, Marrakech


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